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The 5 good reasons to study abroad by studies up


Many students go abroad to study every year. More than 90,000 young people thus leave France to study for a few weeks, or even several months, abroad.

There are many international exchange programs (Erasmus, MICEFA or CREPUQ) that allow you to leave .

We list the 5 good reasons to study abroad by Studies .

1) study abroad to experience a new culture

Going to study abroad is a big leap into the unknown. This can be an opportunity to discover a new continent, an unknown country or even new traditions.

Indeed, each region of the world has its own customs and sometimes it can be very surprising!

Thus, by going to study abroad, you will have the opportunity to live with locals and be closer to their way of life. This can be felt in interpersonal exchanges or the way of studying, with codes that you don’t always know when you arrive, but that you learn to understand and apply.

You will also undoubtedly discover typical dishes that you had never heard of or even foods that perhaps do not even exist in France.

2) improve a foreign language

This is often one of the main reasons for going to study abroad. Being able to be immersed in a foreign country with locals and courses in another language is the guarantee of progressing quickly.

There are many ways to improve your language level, such as reading in English or watching series in their original version. But the best advice is still immersion!

Spending your daily life with people who speak another language stimulates the desire to learn. You will probably have to know how to be creative to make yourself understood, but fortunately the courses given will allow you to have a solid base.

The greatest polyglots often remind us, “we learn a language in order to speak it and not to keep it for ourselves.

3) get out of your comfort zone

Studying abroad also means starting a new story, far from family and friends. In other words, it’s getting out of the family cocoon! We often realize that being alone can make it possible to remove the mask that we have forged and to look at the world with a whole new look.

By extension, we have to fend for ourselves. You will no longer have your parents on whom you can count and you will have to become independent. Managing your accommodation, your food, but also your hobbies and meetings, it will all depend on you. A great opportunity to grow out of this international experience.

4) make friends around the world

First, it’s a golden opportunity to practice a foreign language. Indeed, when these friends are natives of the country in which you are studying, this will allow you to know the good addresses of the city for example.

And when they come from all over the world, it leads you to discover other cultures. Moreover, by speaking with internationals, you will be more comfortable at first because they will probably not have the accent, which is not always easy to understand, of the natives of the country in which you are!

5) study abroad to enrich your cv

Finally, studying abroad is a real advantage when looking for a job. In addition to having a recognized diploma, this will prove that you are able to manage on your own and that you know how to adapt to new environments.

Soft skills are increasingly appreciated and sought after by recruiters. With equal skills, your experience abroad will be a plus that can make the difference.

Recruiters will take into account all the elements mentioned above: the broadening of your vision of the world, your diverse and varied network and above all your new skills, namely languages.

Studying abroad allows you to develop both personally and professionally. After considering all these good reasons to study abroad, taking the plunge may seem impossible, because you don’t always know where to start.

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