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5 good reasons to study abroad


Would you like to be one of the 60,000 French students who leave each year to pursue their studies abroad? Putting together admission files, identifying sources of funding and preparing for the English exams to take to boost your profile: in this  special study abroad file , we will review everything to help you maximize your chances of to study abroad.

Each year, more and more French students leave to study in a foreign country. Here are the five reasons that lead them to live this fabulous experience.

Become bilingual

Speaking a foreign language fluently  has become, in recent years, a real necessity when one wishes to integrate a business or engineering school, but also to obtain a job. Indeed, many companies only want to recruit bilingual or even trilingual employees. This is why immersion seems to be the most effective way to become “fluent” in a very short time. By being confronted with the language all day, you  will progress very quickly , and after three months, you will be very comfortable speaking.

An asset for his future professional

The fact that you have gone abroad will immediately add value to your profile. Indeed,  recruiters greatly appreciate international backgrounds  because, in addition to being fluent in another language, this implies that you show great autonomy, but also a strong ability to adapt. This is why it is recommended, during your job searches, to highlight this experience which is a real asset.

Discover another culture

It is often thought that all developed countries are alike because of globalization. However, everyone has their own way of life, and  going to live abroad  guarantees you a total change of scenery. Food, mentalities and human relations will certainly be different, and will allow you to acquire a greater openness of mind. It will also be an opportunity to reflect on your way of life in France and to evolve.

Learn differently

Each country implements its own teaching methods. For example, in the United States and in England, teachers give priority to speaking rather than writing, and promote personal reflection. It will therefore be necessary to adapt to their system, but also to their level of requirement. This will allow you to enrich your learning methods and improve your skills.

Grow personally

Going to study abroad  without knowing anyone will make you grow faster, since you will have no choice but to fend for yourself. It is a unique experience that will allow you to know yourself better and see your limits. By facing the vagaries of life, alone, you will gain more self-confidence, and will be proud of the progress made.

Tempted by the adventure? You will now have to prepare the best possible file in order to be admitted to the school of your dreams.

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