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All about competitive exams and how to prepare for them


It’s decided, you are embarking on the preparation of a public service competition. Conditions of access, terms and content of the tests: we tell you everything in order to succeed hands down!

Before looking into the details of each event, here are some general tips to know about the best way to prepare for competitions to be on top on D-Day . Test your knowledge with the true-false of administrative competitions (check your answers here )!

On to the contests!

Studyrama gives you the opportunity to put the odds on your side by offering you quality methodological content in free access! – the revisions and exams section gives you detailed access to some thirty public service competitions (organizational methods, detailed tests, methodological advice, etc.) – the site offers you thousands of annals , subjects and answers to practice, and a forum to discuss with those who also pass the competitions – the Studyrama and Bréal bookstore with hundreds of specialized works to support you in your preparation for the competitions, in writing and oral

A two-step competition

First step: the admissibility tests. They consist of different types of test: composition or essay, multiple-choice questionnaire, mathematics, etc.

If you succeed in passing this first step, you still have to pass the admission tests. They can include a professional practice test, sports tests, language orals, technical orals, and very often an interview or conversation with a jury.

The tests in detail

All categories (A, B and C) must pass a general knowledge test  : here are some tips for preparing for the test and the jury’s assessment criteria .

Reserved for categories A and B, the summary note, also called administrative note, meets very specific criteria. Discover the specifics of the summary note, check that you have the skills required to succeed and how to prepare well . Because it knows a variety of positions, category C reserves a variety of tests . One of them is French: for this, you will need to master the text explanation, the interview , and the oral interrogation .

If your contest includes an essay summary, review the rules for that contest . See also our 10 tips for success on the day of the competition , and in particular thanks to the working methods to adopt for the text summary . Another test: the QRC (Short Answer Questions) . This exercise has some specificities, responding in particular to precise instructions and a given time . Here are our tips for knowing how to read the subject well , build your answers and express your answers well.

The oral part

Compulsory test often dreaded by candidates: the oral. Sometimes it is a professional interview , sometimes a conversation based on a subject , with or without preparation time, or a conversation with the jury based on a text . That’s it, the dice are cast. Received or not? If so, congratulations! See what awaits you after the contest .

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