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How to prepare well for the return of your child to college?


The passage from Primary to College is a milestone that requires support from parents. According to the results of the national assessments at the start of 6th grade , 27% of pupils* do not have the expected level in French, and almost a third in mathematics. Another alarming figure, barely one in two pupils can read a text with ease, not to mention the degradation of spelling, which has become worrying. If the Ministry of National Education plans to strengthen learning in primary school from the start of the 2023 school year to better support students before entering 6th grade, it is important to get involved as parents to put the odds on your child’s side. Our advice to help your pre-teen prepare for college at the start of the next school year… right now!

Autonomy learning

Entering secondary school often marks a sometimes brutal break for students and their families. Your child, until now supervised by a single teacher attentive to his particular difficulties, will have to take new bearings and gain new autonomy. Because if the learning of autonomy with a view to entering 6th grade is one of the objectives of the end of the primary years, the child who returns to college is not “autonomous”. ”  He has appropriated an autonomy which allows him to pass the course of college, which is different  “, specifies Brigitte Prot, educational psychologist. ” The sixth grade is the one where the child most needs the presence of adults  “. And even if he claims this new autonomy by asking you (not always kindly) to leave him alone, your preteen will also be reassured (without wanting to show it) to know that you are ready to accompany and help him.

Ensure mastery of fundamental learning

It seems obvious, but a child who does not master basic knowledge, and in particular French and mathematics , at the end of primary school, is likely to face difficulties during his college years. Studies* show that the risk of dropping out of school is increased for children with an insufficient level of schooling at the start of sixth grade. Difficult indeed to follow the complete program in college if one starts in secondary education with major difficulties. To prevent difficulties from setting in as soon as they enter sixth grade, CM1 students will take national assessments in French and mathematics from the start of the 2023 school year.. They will give teachers pedagogical benchmarks to remedy any difficulties. And allow parents to become more involved in their child’s education, in full knowledge of the facts.

How to accompany your child to enter college?

According to a study of young school dropouts , 69% of young school dropouts cite a complicated family context and a lack of involvement of their parents in their studies. To put all the chances of success on their side, here are Brigitte Prot’s advice to help your child return to college confident and solid:

Follow his education on a regular basis

Without being permanently behind his back, your child needs to feel guided to progress , and eventually, allow himself to succeed on his own. This framework will allow him to gain self-confidence, and to gradually gain autonomy.

Give it a framework

Establish non-negotiable work rituals to establish “school habits”. Thus, personal work, de-dramatized, will correspond to a time of day, among other activities. Your child will gradually learn to manage his time.

Control the progress of his achievements

Closely follow the assimilation of his fundamental learning in order to quickly identify any difficulties encountered by your child. Discuss this with the teacher, and put measures in place to deal with these difficulties . Help with homework, private lessons, reinforced homework to help your child overcome his shortcomings and consolidate his achievements…

Your involvement is essential to your child’s success. Accompany him with kindness so that he approaches his college years with confidence and enthusiasm.

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